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Institutional Subscriptions (digital version)

Most of texts disseminated via Érudit are open access.

In accordance with agreements made with journal editors, Érudit applies the two-year moving wall principle: issues from the last two publication years are available to those having subscriptions. Anything predating the last two years of publication is freely available.

For the digital version of its journals, Érudit offers two types of institutional subscriptions: by title or by one of ourtitles collections. Access to journal issues from the two last years of publication is handled through IP addresses. Subscription periods are based on the calendar year rather than journal volume issues, where digital subscription periods are from January 1 to December 31. Discounts are available for subscription to the entire collection, according to the size or status of each institution or organization. For more Information please contact Subscription Services at Érudit.

Consult our 2015 catalogue for complete informations about the journals.

In order to simplify insertion of journal records into library catalogues, Érudit has made its “MARC Records” available for journals disseminated in Érudit.

For more on information on the sale of Érudit collections to institutions, consortia and subscription agencies, please contact Subscription Services at client@erudit.org or (514) 343-6111 ext. 5500.


Licensing and Policy of Use

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Print Version Subscriptions and Individual Subscriptions

Érudit does not manage subscriptions to the print versions. If you wish to subscribe to the print version of one or more journals disseminated by Érudit, please contact the subscriptions services of the journal.


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