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Number 96, June-October 2012, p. 50-53

Du spirituel dans l’art

Managing Editor(s): Isabelle Lelarge (directrice) and Céline Pereira (directrice adjointe)

Editor(s): Isabelle Lelarge (rédactrice en chef)

Publisher: Revue d'art contemporain ETC inc.

ISSN: 0835-7641 (print)  1923-3205 (digital)

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New Media Art and the Zeitgeist

Pau Waelder

Biographical Notice

Pau Waelder is an art critic, curator and researcher in digital art and culture. Among his latest projects are the conferences En_lloc (Now_Here) and Digital Culture (Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro a Mallorca). As reviewer and editor, he has collaborated with several art magazines. He is New Media Editor at art.es magazine.

Author: Pau Waelder
Title: New Media Art and the Zeitgeist
Journal: ETC, Number 96, June-October 2012, p. 50-53
URI: http://id.erudit.org/iderudit/67039ac

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