Speaking in the Food Voice  / Au menu : les « voix culinaires » Volume 5, numéro 2, 2014

Sommaire (13 articles)

  1. Editor's Introduction

Speaking Out: Research & Essays on Speaking in the Food Voice

  1. “Like, Pasta, Pizza and Stuff” – New Trends in Online Food Discourse
  2. Kana’tarokhónwe: Cornbread
  3. As North American as Pumpkin Pie: Cookbooks and the Development of National Cuisine in North America, 1796-1854
  4. Translating Foodways across Language, Culture and the Atlantic Ocean: A Newcomer’s View about Canadian Foodways

Canadian Literary Meals

  1. Inspired by Hiromi Goto's The Kappa Child

Cooking the books

  1. The Little Helpmate, or, How To Keep Husbands at Home, E.M Tree, Ellis, Robertson and Company, 1894, 52 pages
  2. The Guaranteed Pure Milk Co., Limited Cook Book, 1920’s, 39 pages
  3. Recettes Ogilvie Pour la Cuisinière Moderne, The Ogilvie Company Flour Mills Limited, Montréal, Canada, 1909, 128 p.

Book reviews

  1. How To Make Love To A Lobster: An Eclectic Guide To The Buying, Cooking, Eating and Folklore Of Shellfish, Marjorie Harris and Peter Taylor, Whitecap Books, 2013, 144 p.
  2. The Salt Book: Your Guide to Salting Wisely and Well, With Recipes, Fritz Gubler and David Glynn, with Dr. Russell Keast, Whitecap Books, 2012, 208 pages
  3. Eating Culture: An Anthropological Guide to Food, Gillian Crowther, University of Toronto Press, 2013, 324 p.
  4. The Politics of the Pantry: Stories, Food, and Social Change, Michael Mikulak, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013, 250 pages