Romanticism on the Net

Lyrical Ballads, 1798-1998 Numéro 9, February 1998

Sommaire (12 articles)


  1. Lyrical Ballads, 1798-1998 - A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net


  1. Wordsworth's Revolution in Poetic Language
  2. Innovation and Strangeness; or, Dialogue and Monologue in the 1798 Lyrical Ballads
  3. Editing Lyrical Ballads for the Electronic Environment
  4. Robert Southey and the Emergence of Lyrical Ballads
  5. 'Gems of a soft and permanent lustre': The Reception and Influence of the Lyrical Ballads in America


  1. Sheridan and his father, Thomas Sheridan
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  4. 'Feeling Others' Feelings'
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