Our Mission

Érudit promotes and disseminates research and creation.

Our Commitments

Serving the scholarly community and libraries

  • To promote French-language and bilingual scholarly publications internationally
  • To support and promote Open Access dissemination
  • To develop new tools for searching and using data
  • To accelerate the development of SSH practices and research areas

Our Values

Érudit is an inter-university consortium and non-profit organization.


Word from the Chairwoman

Dominique Bérubé

Collaboration, innovation, and success

These words illustrate a year of outstanding achievement, as well as renewal of the Érudit consortium's strategic vision in 2014-2015.

Autumn 2014 was marked by two major successes for our organization.

First, Érudit was recognized and funded as a Major Scientific Initiative (MSI) by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, becoming the only MSI research platform in humanities and social sciences in Canada. This national recognition has given impetus to our operations and dissemination activities within the Canadian and international scholarly community and has contributed to the organization's technological development.

Second, close collaboration and strategic thinking has helped to establish a major partnership with the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), providing continued financial support for scholarly journals and their dissemination within Canadian university libraries, while initiating support for open access to these journals. This unique partnership is the foundation for a longer-term partnership for scholarly journals in Quebec and Canada in a context of transition.

This year also saw the arrival of Vincent Larivière, holder of the Canada Research Chair on the Transformation of Scholarly Communication and professor at the University of Montréal’s School of Library and Information Sciences, as Érudit’s Scientific Director. As spokesperson for the humanities and social sciences research community within the organization in terms of developing and implementing a strategic vision, Larivière has also contributed to establishing the platform’s research capacity.

These important achievements were made possible by the exceptional work of the Érudit team and the confidence and support of its board of directors. I thank them warmly.

Word from the Executive Director

Tanja Niemann

An expanding organization

Érudit was established in 1998 to support the dissemination of research results and conducted its operation in 2014-2015 fully in line with this commitment:

  • By renewing the substantial agreement between journals published on the Érudit platform and Canadian research libraries, the Érudit-CKRN partnership provides a vehicle for scholarly journals transitioning to open access. As such, journals published on Érudit not only benefit from a stable source of revenue from the 53 Canadian partner libraries, but are also ensured of meeting new national and international policies regarding open access to research results. The nature of this agreement, based more on a partnership than commercial relationship, has resulted in the creation of a new fund to allow full open access journals to carry out their publishing activities.
  • The appointment of our scientific director, Vincent Larivière, has provided the context for developing new uses of our platform, such as text mining and data viewing. One of his first missions was to assist us in drafting major funding applications to the CFI and SSHRC.
  • The arrival of new members to our operations team has enhanced our services to our clients, be they journal editors, librarians, or platform users.

I would like to congratulate the team and thank our Board of Directors, who supported us throughout the year in developing our projects.

Érudit in Numbers


5 general disciplinary fields

28 disciplines represented

165 journals distributed on the Érudit platform

  • 135 scholarly journals
    • 87 delayed open-access scholarly journals
    • 20 full open-access scholarly journals
    • 28 archived scholarly journals
    • Érudit also harvests the 168 open-access scholarly journals of the French platform Persée and the scientific publisher NRC Research Press.
  • 30 cultural journals
    • 24 delayed open-access cultural journals
    • 6 archived cultural journals

155,985 articles available on Érudit

  • 95% of which are Open Access

Consultations and Downloads


countries have visited our website more than 1,000 times

Articles views around the world

Total number of consultations in 2014 – 2015

More than 25,000         Less than 1,000


PDF articles downloaded in 2014


articles consulted in 2014

Redistribution of Revenue to journals


This is the amount Érudit redistributed in 2014 to the 127 journals published on its platform, in order to support them in their editorial activities.

These revenues come from institutional subscriptions, Consortium agreements and the CRKN partnership. In particular, the support of 53 CRKN members in the partnership allowing us to build a financial fund to sustain the 20 full open access journals.

Note : Due to the change in the year-end financial year to March 31, the financial statements of Érudit has exceptionally been established over a period of 10 months in 2014-2015.

Achievements of the Year

Major investment by the Canada Foundation for Innovation

Érudit received $1.4 million in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to bolster its services to the Canadian university community, fuel its technological growth, and support the development of research in the digital humanities, social sciences, and arts.

The grant was awarded as part of the CFI’s Major Science Initiatives Special Competition, which secures and strengthens unique national research facilities. Érudit is considered among the top nine facilities across the country and is the only one to receive support for disciplines in the social sciences, humanities and arts (SSHA). Érudit promotes Canadian research worldwide, and funding from the CFI reaffirms the organization’s unique and vital character for researchers. More info

Canadian partnership signed to support scholarly journals and open-access dissemination

In 2015, Érudit formed a partnership with the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) to support Canadian scholarly publishing and open access dissemination. Bringing together over 100 journals and 53 university libraries across Canada, the partnership guarantees funding for the journals, supports their transition to open access, and offers a new business model for scholarly publishing. More info

Vincent Larivière appointed as Scientific Director

Vincent Larivière was officially appointed Scientific Director of Érudit in April 2015. Specializing in new modes of research dissemination, Larivière holds the Canada Research Chair on the Transformation of Scholarly Communication at the Université de Montréal. He is also assistant professor at the School of Library and Information Sciences and Deputy Scientific Director at the Observatoire des sciences et des technologies.

As Scientific Director, Larivière participates in Érudit’s major strategic planning and acts as a spokesperson for the organization with the research community. He also contributes to discussions on issues affecting scholarly journals, including open access and support for the publication of French-language research. More info

Our Organisation

Our Services

With over 16 years experience in digital publishing, Érudit currently serves over 130 Canadian organizations and institutions, including university presses, scholarly associations, libraries, and research centres.

Digital Publishing

Based on international standards, our digital publishing chain ensures the creation of well-mapped documents that are easily accessible and provide highly usable research data.

New in 2014-2015

Érudit renewed contracts with all journals published on its platform.

Digital Preservation

Érudit is committed to ensuring the long-term preservation of XML, XHTML, and PDF files and their metadata.

Dissemination and Referencing

Based on careful content organization and the use of international quality standards, Érudit has signed agreements with major players in the document world.

New in 2014-2015

Signing of agreements with the Scholars Portal and MLA

Editorial Management

Journals published on the Érudit platform have access to the Open Journal System (OJS), an online tool for submitting and editing articles.


Érudit offers to its scholarly and cultural journals commercial marketing services geared toward a national and international institutional clientele. In all, more the 600 institutions in 35 countries have title or package subscriptions with Érudit.

New in 2014-2015

Signing of agreement with the CRKN

New team member: the arrival of Émilie Chouinard as Institutional Subscriptions Officer in the fall of 2014 has consolidated our ties with major marketing sources (subscription agents, purchasing consortiums, university libraries).

Digital Strategy

Érudit provides personalized support to journal editors for all activities related to the production and dissemination of scholarly publications.

Team and Governance

Our team of professionals from the publishing industry and libraries share one passion: the new possibilities that digital publishing offers for research and creation!


L'équipe d'Érudit, 2014-2015
  • From left to right:
  • Hocine Chehab Head of Digital Publishing
  • Alexandre Guédon Head of Technology
  • Émilie Chouinard Institutional Subscriptions Officer
  • Joanie Lavoie Head of Operations
  • Tanja Niemann Executive Director
  • Louise Lalonde Administrative Support
  • Gwendal Henry Communications Officer

Board of Directors

  • Chairwoman
    • Dominique Bérubé – Vice-Rector of Research and Creation, Université de Montréal
  • Vice-Chairwoman
    • Loubna Ghaouti – Library Director, Université Laval
  • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Lynda Gadoury – Executive Director of Libraries, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Observer
    • Marie-Thérèse Duquette – Director of Programs and Partnership Development, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC)
  • Members
    • Richard Dumont - Executive Director, Libraries Branch, Université de Montréal
    • Benoît Melançon - Professor, Department of French Literature, Université de Montréal and Scientific Director, Presses de l’Université de Montréal, Université de Montréal
    • Denis Mayrand – Deputy Vice-Rector, Research and Creation, Université Laval
    • Philippe Maubant – Director of the journal Phronesis and Professor, Université de Sherbrooke

Members of our Editorial Board


  • 2014
  • May New Launch of our blog

    Érudit officially launched its blog in May 2014 to provide news about the platform and discuss issues related to academic publishing. More info

  • 14 mai Conference Research Dissemination Committee, CARL

    Fredericton, Canada

  • May 29 Conference BCI

    Montréal, Canada

  • August 17 – 20 Conference 80th IFLA Conference

    Lyon, France

  • August 23 – 26 Conference 3rd AIFBD Conference

    Limoges, France

  • June 26 – July 1st Conference Annual conference of the American Library Association

    Las Vegas, United States

  • October New Creation of a newsletter for the community

    Published weekly, Érudit’s newsletter brings information on open access, digital humanities, and the dissemination of research results. More info

  • October 1st Conference PKP Developers Sprint and Annual General Meeting

    Vancouver, Canada

  • November Conference CALJ Bootcamp

    Toronto, Canada

  • November 7 Conference REBICQ Day – "Les bibliothèques, acteurs de changement”

    Montréal, Canada

  • November 20 Conference CASRAI Canada ReConnect14

    Ottawa, Canada

  • December 1st – 3 Conference 6th Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec

    Montréal, Canada

  • 2015
  • January 27 Conference INKE, “Sustaining Partnerships to Transform Scholarly Production”

    Whistler, Canada

  • January 30 Conference Study day on scholarly journals, UQAM

    Montréal, Canada

  • February Conference Study day on digital libraries


  • April 21 – 22 Conference Study days, "Éditorialisation et nouvelles formes de publications"

    Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada

  • May 11 New Launch of our new website

    Our platform’s website underwent a major overhaul to present the services offered by Érudit more clearly and accurately. More info

  • May 25 Conference Scientific forum, "Une plateforme de recherche et d’expérimentation pour l’édition ouverte"

    Acfas Conference, Rimouski, Canada

  • Mai 31 Conference 2015 CALJ-ACRS Conference

    Ottawa, Canada

Financial Statement

Distribution of Incomes and Expenses (on 10 months)

Note : Due to the change in the year-end financial year to March 31, the financial statements of Érudit has exceptionally been established over a period of 10 months in 2014-2015. This change is due to the receipt of funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation 2014-2017 Major Science Initiative.

Publishing and commercialisation services, partnerships 1 405 000$
Government grants 419 000$
Contributions of the three consortium members 365 000$
Others incomes 2 300$
total 2 191 600$

Publishing and Commercialisation services, Partnerships 1 010 000$
Salaries 366 000$
Maintenance and development of technology 258 000$
Administration 196 000$
Marketing and promotion 25 000$
total 1 855 000$


Érudit is an initiative of

We wish to thank Érudit’s partner organizations