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Populations et migrations / Populations and Migrations

Volume 26, numéro 2, 2002, p. 133-156

Protecting the authenticity and integrity of inuksuit within the arctic milieu

Scott Heyes

Figure 5

Tikkuutit pointer.

Image pleine grandeur

Translation of Inuktitut text: "the piles of rocks in the middle are pointers. The people who own the qamutik had left this message for the next traveller to inform him where they were staying and the direction to take to get there. The pointer has three rocks under it, which implies that it takes three nights to get there. A note is also tied to the top or the pole for further instruction. This is how the inland Inuit used to describe travel directions." Tuumasi Kudluk Collection, D-34, Avataq Cultural Institute, Montreal.

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