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Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Managing Editor(s): Michael Eberle-Sinatra (founding editor [romantic]) and Dino Franco Felluga (editor [victorian])

Publisher: Université de Montréal

ISSN: 1916-1441 (digital)

Formerly: Romanticism on the Net


Number 51, August 2008Modelling the Self: Subjectivity and Identity in Romantic and Post-Romantic Thought and Culture

Guest-edited by Mark Sandy and Sarah Wootton

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Mark Sandy and Sarah Wootton


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Jacqueline M. Labbe

Smith, Wordsworth, and the Model of the Romantic Poet

[HTML]  [Abstract]  [Table of Contents


Mark Sandy

“The Colossal Fabric’s Form”: Remodelling Memory, History, and Forgetting in Byron’s Poetic Recollections of Ruins

[HTML]  [Abstract


Ann Wroe

Good self, bad self: The Struggle in Shelley

[HTML]  [Abstract


Sarah Wootton

“Into her Dream he Melted”: Women Artists Remodelling Keats

[HTML]  [Abstract


Michael O’Neill

“Something Intended, Complete”: Yeats and the Remodelled Self

[HTML]  [Abstract


Stephen Regan

North of Boston: Models of Identity, Subjectivity and Place in the Poems of Robert Frost

[HTML]  [Abstract


Andrew Michael Roberts

The Visual and the Self in Contemporary Poetry

[HTML]  [Abstract]  [Table of Contents


Christoph Bode

Discursive Constructions of the Self in British Romanticism

[HTML]  [Abstract]  [Table of Contents




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[HTML]  [References


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[HTML]  [References


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[HTML]  [References


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URI: http://www.erudit.org/revue/ravon/2008/v/n51/

Copyright © the authors and , 2008

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