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Romanticism on the Net

Direction : Michael Eberle-Sinatra (directeur)

Éditeur : Université de Montréal

ISSN : 1467-1255 (numérique)

Suivi de : Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net


Numéro 15, août 1999Romantic Parody

Sous la direction de John Strachan

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John Strachan

Romantic Parody - A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net





Kenneth R. Johnston

Romantic Anti-Jacobins or Anti-Jacobin Romantics?



John Strachan

'The Praise of Blacking': William Frederick Deacon's Warreniana and Early Nineteenth-century Advertising-related Parody



Chris Koenig-Woodyard

sex—text: "Christabel" and the Christabelliads

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Steven E. Jones

'Supernatural, or at Least Romantic': the Ancient Mariner and Parody

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Adeline Johns-Putra

Satirising the Courtly Woman and Defending the Domestic Woman: Mock Epics and Women Poets in the Romantic Age



Marcus Wood

William Cobbett, John Thelwall, Radicalism, Racism and Slavery: A Study in Burkean Parodics

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Tim Fulford

Richard Cronin, ed. 1798: The Year of the Lyrical Ballads. Basingstoke and New York: Macmillan and St Martin's Press, 1998. ISBN: 0312215584. Price: £45 (US$65).



Julia M. Wright

Saree Makdisi, Romantic Imperialism: Universal Empire and the Culture of Modernity. Cambridge University Press, 1998. ISBN: 0-521-58438-8 (hbk); 0-521-586046 (pbk). Price: £37.50, $59.95 (hbk); £13.95, $18.95 (pbk)



Dino Felluga

Richard E. Matlak, The Poetry of Relationship: The Wordsworths and Coleridge, 1797-1800. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997. ISBN: 031210166X. Price: £26.95 (US$39.95).



Thaine Stearns

Paul Patton, ed. Deleuze: A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, 1996. ISBN: 1557865655. Price: £60 (hbk) £16.99 (pbk); US$57.95 (hbk) US$28.95 (pbk).



Jacqueline M. Labbe

Is There a Gender to this Text?

Laura L. Runge, Gender and Language in British Literary Criticism, 1660-1790. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997. ISBN: 0-521-57009-3. Price: £37.50 (US$59.95).



A. A. Markley

'Lost and Found'

Mary Shelley, Maurice, or the Fisher's Cot: A Tale. Edited with an Introduction by Claire Tomalin. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1998. ISBN: 0 375 40473 2 (hardback). Price: US$20 (£9.99).


URI : http://www.erudit.org/revue/ron/1999/v/n15/

Copyright © Michael Eberle-Sinatra 1996-2002 — All rights reserved

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