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Romanticism on the Net

Managing Editor(s): Michael Eberle-Sinatra (directeur)

Publisher: Université de Montréal

ISSN: 1467-1255 (digital)

Followed by: Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net


Number 36-37, November 2004, February 2005Queer Romanticism

Guest-edited by Michael O'Rourke and David Collings

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Michael O’Rourke and David Collings

Introduction: Queer Romanticisms: Past, Present, and Future

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George Haggerty

The Horrors of Catholicism: Religion and Sexuality in Gothic Fiction

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Bridget Keegan

Romantic Labouring-Class Pastoral as Eco-Queer Camp

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Mair Rigby

“Prey to some cureless disquiet”: Polidori’s Queer Vampyre at the Margins of Romanticism

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Laura George

Reification and the Dandy: Beppo, Byron, and other Queer Things

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Amanda Berry

Some of my Best Friends are Romanticists: Shelley and the Queer Project in Romanticism

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Lauren Fitzgerald

The Sexuality of Authorship in The Monk

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A. A. Markley

“The Success of Gentleness”: Homosocial Desire and the Homosexual Personality in the Novels of William Godwin

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Rick Incorvati

Darsie Latimer’s “Little Solidity,” or the Case for Homosexuality in Scott’s Redgauntlet

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Fiona Brideoake

“Extraordinary Female Affection”: The Ladies of Llangollen and the Endurance of Queer Community

[HTML]  [Abstract


Caroline E. Kimberly

Effeminacy, Masculinity, and Homosocial Bonds: The (Un)Intentional Queering of John Keats

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Robert D. Tobin

The Emancipation of the Flesh: The Legacy of Romanticism in the Homosexual Rights Movement

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Marcie Frank

“Figuring out the Theater”: Emily Allen. Theater Figures: The Production of the Nineteenth-Century British Novel. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0814251102. Price: US$22.95.

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Mark Sandy

“Reclaiming Romance”: Jacqueline M. Labbe. The Romantic Paradox: Love, Violence and the Uses of Romance, 1760-1830. London: Macmillan, 2000; New York: Saint Martin’s, 2000. ISBN 0-333-76032-8. Price: US$59.95.

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David Baulch

Julia M. Wright. Blake, Nationalism, and the Politics of Alienation. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2004. ISBN 0821415190. Price : US$44.95.

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David Chandler

Christine Kenyon-Jones. Kindred Brutes: Animals in Romantic-Period Writing. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2001. ISBN: 0754603326. Price: US$99.
David Perkins. Romanticism and Animal Rights. Cambridge: CUP, 2003. ISBN: 0521829410. Price: US$7.95.

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Peter J. Kitson

Robert Southey. Poetical Works 1793–1810. General Editor Lynda Pratt. 5 vols. London: Pickering and Chatto, 2004. ISBN: 1 85196 731 1. Price: £450 (US$750).

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Nicholas Reid

The Cambridge Companion to Coleridge. Ed. Lucy Newlyn. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2002. ISBN: 0 521 65909. Price: US$23.99.

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Philip Connell

Mark Canuel. Religion, Toleration and British Writing 1790–1830. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. ISBN: 0-521-81577-0. Price: £45 (US$75).

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