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The effect of allowing motorists to opt out of tort law in the United States

  • Jeffrey O’Connell,
  • Stephen Carroll,
  • Alan Abrahamse,
  • Michael Horowitz and
  • Alexander Karan

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  • Jeffrey O’Connell
    The Samuel H. McCoy II Professor of Law, University of Virginia ; B.A., Dartmouth College, J.D., Harvard University

  • Stephen Carroll
    Senior Economist, RAND; B.S., M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

  • Alan Abrahamse
    Mathematician, RAND; B.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan

  • Michael Horowitz
    Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute ; B.A., City University of New York ; J.D., Yale University

  • Alexander Karan
    A.B., University of Chicago, M.A., University of Northern Iowa

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