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The articles in this special issue were originally published in Criminologie and awarded either the Denis-Szabo prize (established in 2005) or the Jean-Paul-Brodeur prize (established in 2011). These two prizes are awarded every two years based on an article’s relevance, quality, and contribution to criminology. The Jean-Paul-Brodeur prize is specifically aimed at articles written by students.

Prize-winning articles originally published in French have been translated. We hope that making them available in English will promote greater international exposure and make them accessible to those who would not find it easy to read them in French. Articles by Ruth Jamieson, Lisa Monchalin, and Joao Velloso were originally written in English (and it is these versions that we publish here). Matthew Hall’s article, also originally written in English, was subsequently published in the International Review of Victimology. The article by Frederic Ouellet presented here is a later version, cowritten with Balthazar Queloz, and published in the Journal of Gambling Issues. This article was therefore not translated by our team.

We thank translators Julian Cymbalista-Clapp and Beth Fenn Kearney and editor/translator Joan McGilvray for their excellent work and essential contributions to this issue.

We hope that you enjoy reading these articles as much as we did when we reread them.