Editors' Note

Editors' Note[Record]

  • Nathalie Cooke and
  • Lara Rabinovitch

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  • Nathalie Cooke
    Editor in Chief

  • Lara Rabinovitch
    Managing Editor

When we set out to create this journal, we aimed to represent the diverse culinary cultures of Canada, for diversity surely defines Canadian cuisine. Whether regional variations or multi-ethnic additions to this young nation, Canada’s culinary cultures flavour our changing landscape. This second issue of CuiZine focuses on migration and its culinary footprints. Articles by Michel and Ellen Desjardins, and by Lichun Willa Liu, examine first generation immigrant foodways, turning our attention to Sikh and Chinese communities, respectively, in Canada. Italian transplant Marco Frascari, Director of the School of Architecture at Carleton University, offers his thoughts on the relationship between architecture and food. Smoked meat serves as the inspiration for Brendan Murphy’s homemade, multimedia take on this now iconic food of Montreal. Eiran Harris provides the definitive history on this Romanian Jewish immigrant specialty. To round things out, artist Shié Kasai riffs on “Canadian sushi.” Poetry by Lorna Crozier, Shelagh Hewitt Kareda, and Nancy Pagh explore the objects, tastes and sensations of Canadian foodways. Also reviewed in this issue are recently-published books exploring the shaping of culinary tastes in Canada. We hope you enjoy this second issue of CuiZine and are inspired by the culinary journeys it explores.