• Stephen McClatchie
Corrigendum A reference to Jacques Derrida's concept of "différance" was erroneously changed after I saw the proofs of my article "Narrative Theory and Music; or the Tale of Kundry's Tale" in no. 18/1 of the Canadian University Music Review (p. 17 n. 49). Derrida's deliberate misspelling (which may only be discerned through writing) is intended, among other things, to make the point that spoken language is not any more authoritative or authentic than written language, but that, like all language, it simultaneously differs/defers meaning within itself. According to him, "[w]hether in the order of spoken or written discourse, no element can function as a sign without referring to another other element which itself is not simply present." See Jacques Derrida, "Semiology and Grammatology: Interview with Julia Kristava," in Positions, trans, and ed. Alan Bass (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1981), 14-36, esp. 24-29. Stephen McClatchie