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Vadym Adadurov. “Napoleonida” na skhodi Ievropy: Uiavlennia, proekty ta diial'nist' uriadu Frantsii shchodo pivdenno-zakhidnykh okrain Rosiis'koi imperii na pochatku XIX stolittia [Napoléonide in the East of Europe: Representations, Plans, and Activities of the French Government in Relation to the Southwestern Border Regions of the Russian Empire at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century]

  • Serhiy Bilenky

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  • Serhiy Bilenky
    Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Toronto Office, University of Alberta

Cover of Ukrainian Culture and the War in the Donbas, Volume 9, Number 1, 2022, pp. 1-279, East/West

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