The Culture of Rights Protection in Canadian Refugee Law: Examining the Domestic Violence Cases[Record]

  • Efrat Arbel

SJD, Harvard Law School (2012); post-doctoral fellow, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law. Thank you to Martha Minow and Joseph Singer, as well as to Catherine Dauvergne, Lisa Kerr, Vishaal Kishore, Anna Lund, Shaun Ramdin, and the anonymous reviewers at the McGill Law Journal for their invaluable comments on earlier drafts of this article. Research for this article was generously supported by the Canada Program at the Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Citation: (2013) 58:3 McGill LJ 1

Référence : (2013) 58 : 3 RD McGill 1