The Tricksters Speak: Klooscap and Wesakechak, Indigenous Law, and the New Brunswick Land Use Negotiation[Record]

  • Lara Ulrich and
  • David Gill

Lara Ulrich is Métis. She was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta. David Gill is non-status Cree. Both authors recently completed the JD program at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law. This article would not have been possible without the feedback and support of a number of individuals. The authors would like to thank and acknowledge Val Napoleon, John Borrows, Rebecca Johnson, Gillian Calder, Rosanna Adams, Elizabeth Zarpa, Daniel T’seleie, Karla Point, the editorial board of the McGill Law Journal, and their friends and families for their time and contributions.

Citation: (2016) 61:4 McGill LJ 979

Référence : (2016) 61:4 RD McGill 979