The Sexual Assault of Older Women: Criminal Justice Responses in Canada[Record]

  • Isabel Grant and
  • Janine Benedet

Isabel Grant and Janine Benedet, Professors, Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia. The authors would like to thank Heather Burley, Ashley Love, and Joanna Stratton for their research assistance on this article. Special thanks to Jennifer Lang-Hodge for her tireless work in compiling the case law database. Any mistakes are, of course, our own. The research for this article was supported by a grant from the Law Foundation of British Columbia.

Citation: (2016) 62:1 McGill LJ 41

Référence : (2016) 62:1 RD McGill 41

Note des auteures

Au paragraphe 40 (page 67 du PDF, troisième ligne), nous aurions dû lire « There were 83 accused in these cases. »

Author's note

At paragraph 40 (page 67 of PDF, line 3), it should read "There were 83 accused in these cases."