Cabinet Immunity in Canada: The Legal Black Hole[Record]

  • Yan Campagnolo

Assistant Professor, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa. This article is based on the fourth chapter of a dissertation which was submitted in connection with fulfilling the requirements for a doctoral degree in law at the University of Toronto. The research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. For helpful comments on earlier versions, I am indebted to Kent Roach, David Dyzenhaus, Hamish Stewart, Peter Oliver, Vincent Kazmierski, Michael Pal, Charles-Maxime Panaccio, and the anonymous reviewers of the McGill Law Journal. I also wish to acknowledge the excellent editing work performed by Amélie B. Lavigne.

Citation: (2017) 63:2 McGill LJ 315

Référence : (2017) 63:2 RD McGill 315