Volume 63(3)

Is “Truthtelling” Decontextualized Online Still Reasonable? Restoring Context to Defamation Analysis in the Digital Age[Record]

  • Karen Eltis

Karen Eltis is full Professor of Law (professeure titulaire) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa (Canada) and an Affiliate with Princeton’s CITP (Center for Information Technology Policy) 2016-2018. Her research on Artificial Intelligence and Expression is supported by the Foundation for Legal Research. The author thanks the Law Commission of Ontario and acknowledges the research initially carried out as a contract researcher for the LCO. The views expressed in this subsequent work are not necessarily those of the LCO.

Citation: (2018) 63:3&4 McGill LJ 553

Référence : (2018) 63:3&4 RD McGill 553