Who’s Afraid of the Lucky MOOSE? Canada’s Dangerous Self-Defence Innovation

  • Noah Weisbord

Associate Professor, Queen’s University Faculty of Law. This article builds on the author’s keynote lecture at the 2017 Annual McGill Law Graduate Conference, “Self-Defence in Climates of Fear.” The author would like to thank Alana Klein, Don Stuart, Allan Manson, Darryl Robinson, Lisa Kelly, Lisa Kerr, Grégoire Weber, Sharry Aiken, Gail Henderson, Mohamed Khimji, Nicholas Lamp, Arthur Cockfield, Nicholas Bala, Joanna Erdman, Tina Piper, and Nick Dodd for their valuable suggestions and Kevin Droz and Alysha Flipse for their research.

Citation: (2018) 64:2 McGill LJ 349

Référence : (2018) 64:2 RD McGill 349

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Cover of Volume 64, Number 2, December 2018, pp. 213-414, McGill Law Journal / Revue de droit de McGill