Causation, Fault, and Fairness in the Criminal Law

  • Terry Skolnik

Assistant professor, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section. I thank Professors Don Stuart and Graham Mayeda for their comments on prior drafts. I also thank Anna Maria Konewka, Edward Béchard-Torres, Olga Redko, Will Colish, Jessy Héroux, Michelle Biddulph, Hadi Ghobril, Bilal Amani, Nadreyh Vagba, Rayene Bouzitoun, and the anonymous reviewers for helping refine my arguments and commenting on earlier versions of this article. All mistakes are my own. Lastly, I thank the MLJ editorial team for their excellent work that improved this article significantly.

Citation: (2019) 65:1 McGill LJ 1

Référence : (2019) 65:1 RD McGill 1

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Cover of Volume 65, Number 1, September 2019, pp. 1-151, McGill Law Journal / Revue de droit de McGill