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Elizabeth Eastlake, The Letters of Elizabeth Rigby, Lady Eastlake, ed. Julie Sheldon, Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2009, 662 pp., £70.00, ISBN: 9781846311949Susanna Avery-Quash and Julie Sheldon, Art for the Nation: The Eastlakes and the Victorian Art World, London, The National Gallery, 2011, 288 pp., £30.00, 31 colour and 12 black-and-white illustrations, ISBN: 9781857095074

  • Adele M. Ernstrom

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  • Adele M. Ernstrom
    Bishop’s University

Cover of Idea in Art, Volume 37, Number 2, 2012, pp. 1-92, RACAR : Revue d'art canadienne / Canadian Art Review

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