Between International Integration and National Autonomy in Favour of Concrete Cases: The Italian Constitutional Court’s ‘Internationally Oriented Automatism’s Prohibition’ Doctrine[Record]

  • Riccardo Perona

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  • Riccardo Perona
    Professor in the Public Law Area, Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia
    Ph.D. in Law, Constitutional Justice and Fundamental Rights, Università di Pisa, Italy

Thanks to Eliana Pimienta for revising an earlier draft of this paper. When non-English texts are quoted and it is not differently specified, the provided translation is mine. A former version of this paper had been submitted for the World Congress of Constitutional Law, “Constitutional Challenges: Global and Local” (Oslo, 2014) and published as a working paper. I addressed the same topic in the paper submitted for the Third World Congress of Constitutional Justice (Bologna, 2017).