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The Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on the Instability and Long-Run Inequality of Workers’ Earnings in CanadaL’influence des conditions macroéconomiques sur l’instabilité et l’inégalité chronique de la rémunération des travailleurs au CanadaEl impacto de las condiciones macroeconómicas sobre la inestabilidad y la desigualdad de largo plazo en los ingresos de los trabajadores en Canadá[Record]

  • Charles M. Beach,
  • Ross Finnie and
  • David Gray

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  • Charles M. Beach
    Queen’s University,
    Kingston, Ontario,

  • Ross Finnie
    Queen’s University and Statistics Canada,
    Kingston, Ontario.

  • David Gray
    University of Ottawa,
    Ottawa, Ontario.

This research was made possible by the Applied Research Branch of Human Resources Development Canada. The Small Area and Administrative Data Division of Statistics Canada provided access to the LAD data upon which this study is based. Don McDougall, Roger Sceviour, and Steve McBride provided excellent computing assistance. We thank Gordon Betcherman, Andrew Sharpe, the editor of this journal, and the anonymous referees for their constructive reviews.