Bibliographic Ghostbusting: The Evanescent Life and Spirited Times of the Canadian Journal of Homoeopathy (1856-57)

  • J. T. H. Connor

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Note: Regarding terminology and spelling, the oe diphthong was traditionally used in continental Europe and Britain when spelling “homoeopathy;” occasionally, the spelling would include the sequence “oeo,” but without the diphthong. In the United States, both forms of spelling might be used, but typically the diphthong was dropped, as was also the initial “o” in “oeo,” thus “homeopathy” was the usual American spelling. Due to the infiltration of both American and British influences on the growth of this medical sectarian practise, Canadian spellings fluctuated with all forms being found to be in use. In the present discussion, the spelling will conform exactly to that of the book or journal title or actual direct quotation of the time. In the main body of the text however, “homeopathy” will be used for consistency.

Cover of Volume 43, Number 1, 2021, pp. 1-138, Scientia Canadensis

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