Durkheim, Germany, War, Europe

  • Bruno Karsenti

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The following text is the English translation of: Karsenti, Bruno (2017). “Durkheim et l’Allemagne. Commentaire à vive voix”, in Durkheim, Émile (2017). L’Allemagne au-dessus de tout. Commentaire à vive voix. Paris: Éditions de l’EHESS, ISBN 978-2-7132-2713-4, pp 13-53. We would like to thank the author as well as the publishing house for providing Simmel Studies with the permission to publish this translation. The article was translated by Chiara Santini-Parducci.

Cover of 1918. Ways Out of the War, Volume 22, Number 2, 2018, pp. 9-184, Simmel Studies

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