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Canadian Catalogues and Monographs of the Avant-Garde, 1989-1995ELDER, R. Bruce. The Body in Film. Toronto : Art Gallery of Ontario, 1989, 56 p.JONASSON, Catherine (editor). Richard Hancox. Toronto : Art Gallery of Ontario, 1990, 48 p.RICHMOND, Cindy (editor and curator). Richard Kerr : Overlapping Entries, with an essay by Bart Testa. Regina, Saskatchewan : MacKenzie Art Gallery, 1994, 54 p.SHEDDEN, Jim (editor). David Rimmer : Films and Tapes 1967-1993, with an essay by Catherine Russell. Toronto : Art Gallery of Ontario, 1994, 96 p.SHEDDEN, Jim (editor). Presence and Absence : The Films of Michael Snow, 1956-1991 (The Michael Snow Project). Toronto : Art Gallery of Ontario/Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 1995, 256 p.

  • Mario Falsetto

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  • Mario Falsetto
    Concordia University

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