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Opera da Camera

  • Cuizine Editorial Staff

Corps de l’article

On October 14, 2012, the Montreal-based opera company, Opera da Camera gave a concert – one of particular interest to the editorial staff at CuiZine, called Ah Quel Diner : un concert de délices musicaux!

The following interview, or conversation rather, between Managing Editor Alexia Moyer and members of the company, is an exploration of food, drink, and opera. You will also note that the members’ interest in such matters extends beyond the stage and into their kitchens.

Figure 1Photo by Marco Perico

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Figure 2Photo by Marco Perico

-> Voir la liste des figures

And to appease the palate, an excerpt from the company’s repertoire: Pierre Attaignant’s Tourdion (1530).

Parties annexes

Parties annexes