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Editorial 1

J.B. Murphy

Geoscience Debate 3

Caribbean Geology: Extended and Subsided Continental Crust Sharing History with Eastern North America, the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatán Basin and Northern South America

K.H. James

The Rationale and Essential Elements for the New ‘Pirate’ Model of Caribbean 9 Tectonics

F. Keppie

Column 17

The Tooth of Time:

Henno Martin

P.F. Hoffman

Articles 32

Sea-cliff Erosion with Rising Sea-Level along Shores Exposing Glacial

Material in Atlantic Canada: The Effect of Bedrock Slope and an Example from Isle Madame, Nova Scotia

E.R. Force

Metallogenic Evolution of the Mackenzie and Eastern Selwyn Mountains of 40 Canada’s Northern Cordillera, Northwest Territories: A Compilation and Review

L. Ootes, S.A. Gleeson, E. Turner, K. Rasmussen, S. Gordey, H. Falck, E. Martel, and K. Pierce

2013 VOLUME 40 GSCNA7 40 1-70