Report of the Local History Section[Notice]


On June 6, a group of Provincial chairmen met to consider nominations for awards for local history. The following were submitted to, and accepted by, the Council and General Meetings of June 9:

Category B (local historical societies) : La Société Généalogique canadienne- française.

Category C I (provincial museums): The Maritime Museum of British Columbia.

Category C II (local museums) : Black Creek Pioneer Village. Category D I (scholarly history): Robert-Lionel Séguin; St. John Chad wick; Roy St. George Stubbs.

Category D II (popular history): Jean Pellerin; Ray Price. Category E (periodicals) : Perspectives.

Category F (newspaper, radio or television programmes) : Pierre Gauvreau et Roland Guay.

Category G (individuals) : Jean-Louis Roux ; Alice M. Johnson ; Fred Landon ; Jack Richardson.

Category H (organizations) : L'Association des Archivistes du Québec.

-Trançoiô Ajeaudin, prêtre, irred Jhorpz

secrétaire de langue française. English-language Secretary