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From the Editors

From the Editors[Notice]

  • Curtis Hyra

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Notes from the Editors Volume 38, No 3 opens with a group of four papers dealing with the question of auditory arguments, their possibility and nature. The principal piece is by Leo Groarke, with Justin Eckstein and Gabrijela Kišiček offering replies to his paper, followed by a response from Groarke. We hope readers will enjoy this collection and the suggestive areas of research it can spark. Papers by Jeremy Barris and Andrei Moldovan, on Deep Disagreement and Arguments from Nature, respectively, complete the lineup. This issue also marks the first Notice of Books Received (see Vol. 38, No 2 for details of the policy). Finally, the publishers of Informal Logic take this occasion to announce the appointment of Katharina Stevens as a third coeditor of the journal, effective immediately. Working out of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Dr. Stevens’ addition helps ensure the continued health and relevance of Informal Logic and represents a vital investment in our future.