Privacy, Corrective Justice, and Incrementalism: Legal Imagination and the Recognition of a Privacy Tort in Ontario[Notice]

  • Thomas DC Bennett

LL.B (Hons), LL.M, LL.M, Barrister; Lecturer, BPP Law School, London, United Kingdom; Doctoral Student in Law, Durham University. I am grateful to Richard Mullender, Gavin Phillipson, Paul Mora, Nathan Marshall, Chris Monaghan, and Wenying Li for their advice, comments, and input at various stages during the drafting process. Thanks are also due to Helen Fenwick, Aaron Baker, and Alexander Williams at Durham University, who provided helpful comments on an earlier draft of this essay. The comments of the three McGill Law Journal referees were also most helpful and were gratefully received. Any remaining errors are the responsibility of the author alone.

Citation: (2013) 59:1 McGill LJ 49

Référence: (2013) 59: 1 RD McGill 49

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