Freedom of the Press as a Discrete Constitutional Guarantee[Notice]

  • Benjamin Oliphant

Benjamin Oliphant recently graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. He articled with a firm in Toronto focusing on labour, criminal, and constitutional law and civil litigation, and is clerking for the 2013–14 term. The author would like to extend thanks to Marlys Edwardh and Bob Tarantino for helpful comments on earlier drafts of this paper, as well as to Paul Schabas and Bert Bruser for their course instruction and kind encouragement. Special thanks are owed to Professor Jamie Cameron, who offered generous and thoughtful guidance throughout the drafting process, as well as to the editors at the McGill Law Journal for their valuable assistance.

Citation: (2013) 59:2 McGill LJ 283

Référence : (2013) 59 : 2 RD McGill 283

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