Constitutional Amendment by Stealth[Notice]

  • Richard Albert

Associate Professor, Boston College Law School; Visiting Associate Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale University (2015–16); Yale University (J.D., B.A.); Oxford University (B.C.L.); Harvard University (LL.M.). Email: For helpful comments, I am grateful to Adam Chilton, Zachary Clopton, Joel Colón-Ríos, Paul Daly, Oran Doyle, Tom Ginsburg, Rick Kay, Benjamin Oliphant, and Eric Posner. I have also benefited from comments received in the course of presenting an earlier draft of this article at the Faculty of Law at McGill University, Osgoode Hall Law School, and the University of Chicago Law School. I also acknowledge the very useful comments from the anonymous review process that led to recommending this paper for publication. My gratitude to the editors of the McGill Law Journal for their excellent editorial work on this article. My thanks to the Boston College Law School Fund for generously supporting my scholarly research.

Citation: (2015) 60:4 McGill LJ 673

Référence : (2015) 60 : 4 RD McGill 673

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