The Supreme Court in a Pluralistic World: Four Readings of a Reference[Notice]

  • Kate Glover

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario; Doctoral Candidate and Vanier Scholar, Faculty of Law, McGill University. Junior counsel for the Amicus Curiae in the Reference Re Senate Reform before the Supreme Court of Canada (2013). Sincere thanks to Hoi Kong, Jocelyn Stacey, Alexander Pless, an anonymous peer reviewer, and the editors of the McGill Law Journal for insightful comments on earlier drafts. Thank you also to the McGill Law Journal for generously hosting the Symposium on “Democracy, Federalism, and the Rule of Law: The Implications of the Senate Reference”, at which the papers in this Special Issue were presented and discussed. Further, I am grateful for the support of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program, administered by the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council, and for a visiting fellowship at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law during the preparation of this paper. All errors are my own.

Citation: (2015) 60:4 McGill LJ 839

Référence : (2015) 60 : 4 RD McGill 839

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