Situating Canada’s Commercial Surrogacy Ban in a Transnational Context: A Postcolonial Feminist Call for Legalization and Public Funding[Notice]

  • Maneesha Deckha

The author is grateful for the comments received on earlier drafts of this work in 2013 from participants at the Motherhood: All Change Workshop held at the University of Manchester Law School, at the Law and Society Conference at the University of British Columbia, and at a faculty research seminar at the Birmingham Law School. The author would like to thank Zheting Su and Liu Qian for their research assistance on Parts I and II. She would also like to extend thanks to the two anonymous reviewers for their suggestions as well as to the editors of the McGill Law Journal for their editorial assistance.

Citation: (2015) 61:1 McGill LJ 31

Référence : (2015) 61:1 RD McGill 31

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