Victim Pays Damages to Tortfeasor: The When and Wherefore[Notice]

  • Benjamin Shmueli et
  • Yuval Sinai

Benjamin Shmueli, Ph.D. 2005, L.L.M. 1999, L.L.B. 1998, Bar-Ilan University; Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, 2013–15; Visiting Professor, Duke Law School, 2006–08; Associate Professor, Bar-Ilan Law School, Israel. Yuval Sinai, Ph.D., L.L.B; Schusterman Visiting Professor of Law at Yale University and Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, 2013–15; Visiting Professor, McGill University, 2007–08; Associate Professor and Director of the Center for the Application of Jewish Law (ISMA), Netanya Academic College Law School; instructor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University Law Schools, Israel. The article was presented at the First Private Law Consortium, Bar-Ilan University, in partnership with the Law Schools of Harvard, Pennsylvania, McGill, Trento, and Oslo Universities, 2013. Our thanks to the participants of the Consortium, to Adi Ayal, Ian Ayres, the Honourable Guido Calabresi, Ehud Guttel, Osnat Jacobi, Alan L. Merriman, Gideon Parchomovsky, and Ariel Porat for their valuable comments, and to our dedicated research assistants Eden Cohen, Josh Divine, Michael Goral, Alex Porat, and Yonatan Yehosef. Our thanks also to Dr. Michael Guttman for good advice and to the editorial board of the McGill Law Journal for their helpful assistance.

Citation: (2015) 61:2 McGill LJ 275

Référence : (2015) 61:2 RD McGill 275

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