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Separate but Unequal: Immigration Detention in Canada and the Great Writ of Liberty[Notice]

  • Siena Anstis,
  • Joshua Blum et
  • Jared Will

Siena Anstis is a litigation associate at Morrison & Foerster LLP in New York City with an interest in asylum and detention. Joshua Blum and Jared Will practice immigration and refugee law at Jared Will & Associates in Toronto, Ontario and have acted as counsel in a number of immigration detention cases, including several cases under discussion in this article. This article is dedicated to Barbara Jackman and William Sloan for their tireless efforts over the past decades to preserve the right to habeas corpus for non-citizens in Canada. The authors also thank Caitlin Leach for her invaluable assistance in editing.

Citation: (2017) 63:1 McGill LJ 1

Référence : (2017) 63:1 RD McGill 1

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