Rethinking the Invisible Constitution: How Unwritten Constitutional Principles Shape Political Decision-Making[Notice]

  • Vanessa A. MacDonnell

Associate Professor, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) and Co-Director, uOttawa Public Law Centre. I am grateful to the participants in two workshops at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law for their useful comments and suggestions—especially Ann Chaplin, Peter Oliver, Rosemary Cairns-Way, Michael Pal, Akis Psygkas, Kate Glover Berger, Mark Walters, Carissima Mathen, Maxime St-Hilaire, Warren Newman, Jonathan Shanks, Jean Leclair, Se-shauna Wheatle, Christina Lienen, Tracy Robinson, and Geneviève Cartier. I am also grateful to Jula Hughes, Howard Kislowicz, Richard Stacey, Wade Wright, Asha Kaushal, and the anonymous peer reviewers for their incisive critiques and suggestions.

Citation: (2019) 65:2 McGill LJ 175

Référence : (2019) 65:2 RD McGill 175

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