“A Constitution Similar in Principle to That of the United Kingdom”: The Preamble, Constitutional Principles, and a Sustainable Jurisprudence[Notice]

  • Peter C. Oliver

Full Professor and Vice Dean Research, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. This article originated in research undertaken during a year when I was Scholar in Residence in (what was then known as) the Constitutional and Administrative Law Section, Public Law Sector, Justice Canada. I would like to thank my then-colleagues for comments on an early version of the research. A more recent, considerably revised version was presented at a workshop on unwritten constitutional norms and principles, organized by Vanessa MacDonnell and Se-shauna Wheatle in March 2019, and then at a panel at the ICON-S conference in Santiago, Chile. I am grateful to the organizers of and participants in the workshop and panel for their immensely valuable comments and suggestions. Comments and suggestions by two anonymous reviewers were also gratefully received. The work of the editors of this journal was immensely helpful. Finally, I would like to thank Don Ferguson, Jordan Birenbaum and, most recently and most significantly, Sarah Gagnon for excellent research assistance.

Citation: (2019) 65:2 McGill LJ 207

Référence : (2019) 65:2 RD McGill 207

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