The Unwritten Principle of Democracy[Notice]

  • Michael Pal

I would like to thank Jean Leclair, Mark Walters, Vanessa MacDonnell, Sarah Burton, Carissima Mathen, Se-shauna Wheatle, Grégoire Webber, Jacob Weinrib, Peter Oliver, Lorraine Weinrib, Bruce Ryder, Mariana Valverde, Craig Scott, Gabriel Edelman, Alexandra Flynn, and Thomas McMorrow for their generous feedback on the various versions of this article. The article was presented at the University of Ottawa as part of the symposium on unwritten principles and also at Queen’s University and the University of Toronto. I am grateful to the participants at all three workshops.

Citation: (2019) 65:2 McGill LJ 269

Référence : (2019) 65:2 RD McGill 269

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