After the Honeymoon: The Uneasy Marriage of Human Rights and the Environment Under the European Convention on Human Rights and in UK Law Under the Human Rights Act 1998

  • Karen Morrow

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  • Karen Morrow
    Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law and Policy, College of Business and Law, Swansea University

This paper originated in a presentation at the Human Rights Research and Education Centre / Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability Conference “Environmental Justice and Human Rights: Investigating the Tensions, Exploring the Possibilities,” University of Ottawa, 8–10 November 2012. I wish to thank colleagues for the constructive and enriching discussion that took place at that event. Responsibility for any errors remains my own.

Couverture de Justice environnementale et droits humains : comprendre les tensions et explorer les possibilités, Volume 43, numéro hors-série, 2013, p. 7-419, Revue générale de droit

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