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Géographie physique et Quaternaire

Managing Editor(s): André G. Roy (directeur)

Editor(s): Pierre J.H. Richard (rédacteur en chef)

Publisher: Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal

ISSN: 0705-7199 (print) 1492-143X (digital)


Volume 58, Number 2-3, 2004, p. 159-357Glacial History, Paleogeography and Paleoenvironments in Glaciated North America

Guest-edited by Stephen A. Wolfe and Alain Plouffe

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Stephen A. Wolfe, Alain Plouffe, John Clague, Bob Fulton, Doug Hodgson, Isabelle McMartin, Beth McClenaghan, Denis St-Onge, Vern Rampton and Pierre J.H. Richard

Foreword Victor K. Prest (1913‑2003)

Page 159

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Stephen A. Wolfe and Alain Plouffe

Introduction: Glacial History, Paleogeography and Paleoenvironments in Glaciated North America

Pages 160–162

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Glacial History  


Isabelle McMartin and Penny J. Henderson

Evidence from Keewatin (Central Nunavut) for Paleo-Ice Divide Migration

Pages 163–186

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Jean J. Veillette

Ice-Flow Chronology and Palimpsest, Long-Distance Dispersal of Indicator Clasts, North of the St. Lawrence River Valley, Quebec

Pages 187–216

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Andrew J. Stumpf, Bruce E. Broster and Victor M. Levson

Glacial Stratigraphy of the Bulkley River Region: A Depositional Framework for the Late Pleistocene in Central British Columbia

Pages 217–228

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Anders E. Carlson, John W. Jenson and Peter U. Clark

Sedimentological Observations from the Tiskilwa Till, Illinois, and Sky Pilot Till, Manitoba

Pages 229–239

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Hazen A.J. Russell, Robert W.C. Arnott and David R. Sharpe

Stratigraphic Architecture and Sediment Facies of the Western Oak Ridges Moraine, Humber River Watershed, Southern Ontario

Pages 241–267

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Monica C.M. Winsborrow, Chris D. Clark and Chris R. Stokes

Ice Streams of the Laurentide Ice Sheet

Pages 269–280

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Jean-Claude Dionne, Jean-Marie M. Dubois and Pascal Bernatchez

La terrasse Mitis à la pointe de Mille-Vaches (péninsule de Portneuf), rive nord de l’estuaire maritime du Saint-Laurent : nature des dépôts et évolution du niveau marin relatif à l’holocène

Pages 281–295

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Paul F. Karrow

Algonquin-Nipissing Shorelines, North Bay, Ontario

Pages 297–304

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Brandon B. Curry and Catherine H. Yansa

Evidence for Stagnation of the Harvard Sublobe (Lake Michigan Lobe) in Northeastern Illinois, U.S.A., from 24 000 to 17 600 BP and Subsequent Tundra-Like Ice-Marginal Paleoenvironments from 17 600 to 15 700 BP

Pages 305–321

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Stephen A. Wolfe, David J. Huntley and Jeff Ollerhead

Relict Late Wisconsinan Dune Fields of the Northern Great Plains, Canada

Pages 323–336

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D. A. Fisher, C. Wake, K. Kreutz, K. Yalcin, E. Steig, P. Mayewski, L. Anderson, J. Zheng, S. Rupper, C. Zdanowicz, M. Demuth, M. Waszkiewicz, D. Dahl-Jensen, K. Goto-Azuma, J. B. Bourgeois, R. M. Koerner, J. Sekerka, E. Osterberg, M. B. Abbott, B. P. Finney and S. J. Burns

Stable Isotope Records from Mount Logan, Eclipse Ice Cores and Nearby Jellybean Lake. Water Cycle of the North Pacific Over 2000 Years and Over Five Vertical Kilometres: Sudden Shifts and Tropical Connections

Pages 337–352

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Index du volume 58 — 2004

Pages 353–357

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