Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region
Revue d’histoire de la région Atlantique

Volume 51, Number 2, Fall 2022

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  1. « Ce que l’un construit, l’autre le détruit » : les factions de la cour de France, le Cardinal de Richelieu et l’Acadie, 1629-1632
  2. "To ship her to the West Indies, and there dispose of her as a Slave”: Connections of Enslaved People to the Loyalist Maritimes and the West Indies
  3. Intercolonial Cooperation and the Building of St. Paul Island and Scatarie Island Lighthouses, 1826-1840
  4. “To hell with the people in Preston”: The Inequalities of Integration at Graham Creighton High School, Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia, 1964-1979

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