Art/Research International
A Transdisciplinary Journal

Volume 6, Number 2, 2021

Table of contents (15 articles)

Art/Research Editorial

  1. Editorial: Volume 6, Issue 2

Art/Research Theoretical Musings

  1. Literary Philosophy and the Use of Uselessness
  2. Affective Epiphanies: The Aesthetic Relation of Stories in Museum Encounters
  3. New Vox in Poetic Inquiry: Rhizomatic Runners in a Fruiting Field

Art/Research In Action

  1. The Pull of Words: Reliving a Poetry Symposium through Found Poetry
  2. How Can My Poem Be True? Using Poetic Inquiry to Explore the Meaning and Value of Poetic Fictions
  3. Rhetorical Questions and Ruminations: Examining Early Career Faculty Experiences through Found Poetry
  4. “Institutionalized States of Information Abstinence”: Cut-up Inquiry of Sex Educators’ Erasure Poems
  5. Keep Candy in the House: Exercising Arts-Informed Research Methodology in Lived Experience of Eulogy Writing
  6. Quilting Resistance to the Sleep Industrial Complex: A Narrative Account of Sleeplessness
  7. Re-touche: Re-Stitching Fissures Through Affect in Families with a Family Member who is Labelled as Disabled
  8. Thom Roberts Reads Crowns: Musing on Art and Neurodiversity through the Lens of One Artist’s Practice

Art/Research Reviews

  1. A Review of Loveless’s (2019) How to Make Art at the End of the World: A Manifesto for Research-Creation
  2. A Review of Tsing, Swanson, Gan, and Bubandt’s (2017) Edited Volume: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet
  3. A Review of Artistic Research and Literature, Edited by Corina Caduff and Tan Wälchli


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