Art/Research International
A Transdisciplinary Journal

Volume 7, Number 1, 2022

Table of contents (14 articles)

Art/Research Editorial

  1. Editorial

Art/Research Theoretical Musings

  1. Puppets Know Best: An Arts-Based Exploration of Scholarly Identity, Liminality and Soulful Research
  2. Nomadic Ethics: Attending to the Ghosts we Cite
  3. A Thing is Whatever This is That I Can't Say: Exploring Aporias through Poetic Inquiry
  4. Constructing a Pedagogy of Apparentness
  5. The Shapeshifting and Boundary Crossings of Socially Engaged Art

Art/Research In Action

  1. The Importance of Tacit Knowledge in Geoscience Brought to the Surface through Artistic Methods
  2. Making Visible the Invisible: How Combining Autoethnography with Visual Arts Practice Unearthed More Than I Imagined
  3. On Space, On Place: A Poetic Self-Study of the Emerging Academic Identity of an International Doctoral Student
  4. An Inspirited Artistic Co-Inquiry with Raw Energy
  5. Inclinations: Dancing Ramps, Disability, and Multiplicities through Research-Creation
  6. Red Lake Breccia: Arts-Integration to Map a Fractured Relationship with Geoscientific Knowledge Production Networks

Art/Research Reviews

  1. “Art and Doucmentaries in Climate Communication": A Review and Participant-Voiced Poetic Inquiry
  2. Staging the Feminine Ethic of Care: A Review of Reimagining the Academy


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