Culture Trad Québec

Managing editor(s): Antoine Gauthier (Directeur général) / Editor(s): Antoine Gauthier (Rédacteur en chef), Gilles Pitre (Coordinateur à la rédaction)


The first issue of Culture Trad Québec magazine bears the subtitle Allons danser! Long awaited in the world of traditional arts and living heritage, this publication presents articles and interviews on traditional dance, both in Quebec and overseas, as well as content relating to storytelling or traditional music, either in the form of comics (exclusive Michel Rabagliati), portraits, reports or testimonials. Other subjects punctuate the review, such as Inuit throat singing, trad music on the radio, audiovisual archives, folk art sculpture or Riopelle and his passion for know-how transmitted from generation to generation. Collectible caller cards, a traditional horoscope, games and crossword puzzles add fun to the post. An essential for anyone interested in oral tradition culture in Quebec, published by the Conseil québécois du patrimoine vivant.


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