Entrevous Revue d'arts littéraires

Managing editor(s): Danielle Shelton, Diane Landry, Leslie Piché

Journal preceded by Brèves littéraires


The journal Entrevous is the new dissemination tool of the Société littéraire de Laval (SLL). The SLL is devoted to promote French-language literature in Laval city as a professional and artistic creation discipline. SLL is participating in the cultural development of Laval city in synergy with arts and culture professional organizations.


-Web Site : http://sll-entrevous.org/

-Email : info@sll-entrevous.org

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Editorial policy and ethics

The three main axis of the editorial policy of Entrevous journal are
multidisciplinary works including literature
inclusion of literature in public spaces
literary creation processes

Editorial board

Executive, Literary and Artistic Director

Danielle Shelton  danielleshelton@sll-entrevous.org