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Dear Readers,

As we move forward with the First Peoples Child & Family Review into its 12th year, we reflect on the many changes to the journal. We have made the move almost exclusively to an online format which has eased data management and allowed us to expand our reach. The FPCFR also accepts other manuscript formats such as audio recordings as well as submissions in Indigenous languages.

The FPCFR has always been unique in highlighting community stories, successes and promising practices. In the past couple of years, we have shifted our focus to include publications by children and youth. Since 2014, we have featured Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and youth in three issues, one completely by young people. We are proud to feature another young author in 11(1).

At the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society, we are passionate about ensuring young voices are uplifted in expressing their views and opinions because they are relevant and important. Children and young people are informed about issues and understand them if they are given the chance. Not only do they remind us about right and wrong but also do so in a way that is honest. As Cindy Blackstock says, “children are ambassadors of love and fairness.” As adults, our sense of love and fairness is often overshadowed so children and youth can teach us and guide us back.

Moving forward we will continue to consistently publish the works of children and youth and provide mentorship opportunities when we are able to. We welcome you to join us in uplifting the voices of young people!

Happy reading,