Geoscience Canada

Volume 2, Number 1, February 1975

Table of contents (20 articles)

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    Correlation of Eugeosynclinal Tectono-Stratigraphic Belts in the North American Cordillera
    Western Interior Cretaceous
    Sexual Dimorphism in Jurassic Ammonites from the Queen Charlotte Islands
    Geological Development of the Continental Margin of Atlantic Canada
    The Oceanic Crust
    International Geological Correlation Program Canada Newsletter I

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth
    Symposium on Permafrost Geophysics
    The Ocean 74 Conference
    Earth Science Workshop After Five Years
    Archean Petrography Seminar / Workshop
    Symposium International sur les Micro-paléontologiques Belges

Features / Rubriques

    History of Canadian Geology : The Bigsby Medal
    The Soil Column: : Interpreting Soil Survey Information

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Modem and Ancient Géosynclinal Sedimentation
    Paleogeographic Provinces and Provinciality
    The Permian and Triassic Systems and their Mutual Boundary
    Modern Mineralogy
    World Survey of Climatology, Volume 2: Climates of North America